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Since they are one of the major portions of any commercial or residential building, floors are extremely important to be designed and well-planned in an efficient manner. The craftsmen working on the interiors of any building pay specific attention in designing the floor with long lasting materials... Read More
Individuals often spend a lot of money on home décor items and selecting wall colors, furniture, lighting etc and meanwhile the thing that most often gets ignored is the importance of having good quality flooring at your home or office. The elegant and striking floor designs often impart a stunning... Read More
Stone tiles are rapidly rising in popularity as a top choice for residential flooring. Where at one time too costly for many families, the increased demand for natural stone tile has lowered the price significantly, allowing more people than ever to enjoy its many benefits. Natural stone is one of... Read More
Different flooring materials show wear in different ways. Depending on the quality, durability and color of the material your floor can last anywhere from five years to sixty. Regardless, it is important to regularly inspect your floor to ensure it isn’t showing signs of damage. Depending on the... Read More
Harwood floors make a beautiful and valuable addition to any home. Their smooth, durable finish is highly resistant to foot traffic and provides a timeless look to your space. If you are considering hardwood flooring, keep in mind that they require special cleaning techniques to preserve their... Read More
It’s a fact – Carpet can add a lot to your home in terms of value, comfort and coziness. The carpet material you choose, as well as the style and length, can each have a significant impact on the overall appearance and feel of your space. It’s important when selecting a carpet type to carefully... Read More
What is Carpet in Motion? We are a mobile flooring showroom bringing an extensive selection of flooring materials directly to your home or office! Here we can provide fast on-site measurements and estimates for your individual flooring needs. What Sets Us Apart? We are well known and have a... Read More
For most households, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It serves as a warm center where meals are created and shared and where friends and family members spend time with one another. Although the flooring in your kitchen is rarely noticed, it has a significant impact of the overall look, feel... Read More
Hardwood floors are a long-lasting and high quality investment for your property. They will almost always increase the value of your home, providing a timeless and classic look to any space. While more enduring than many flooring types, hardwood floors do require specific cleaning methods in order... Read More
Although proper cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of your carpet, every carpet that experiences regular use will eventually need to be replaced.  There are a number of signs your carpet is reaching this point, some quite obvious and some more subtle. Paying attention to these signs is... Read More